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The Carbon Sync Team

Louise Edmonds

Founder and CEO, Carbon Sync

Louise is an innovator and entrepreneur in regenerative agriculture and the emerging carbon and environmental markets. Over the course of her career, she’s had a sole, driving vision: to restore the health of agricultural ecosystems.

As Founder & CEO of Carbon Sync, Louise is a seasoned expert in regenerative agriculture. She brings together the best people and technology to create robust, decades-long programs that help farmers implement management practices to enhance the health of their farm ecosystem. Louise believes the stability of the climate can be achieved through the restoration of our soils.

Senior Soil Health Technician

Remy Malet

Senior Soil Health Technician

Remy is a people-and-planet-focused changemaker with extensive experience in regenerative agriculture as a farmer, educator, consultant and designer.

Growing up on the family farm shaped his core values: a deep respect for nature, hard work, resilience and a lifelong tendency to wake up before sunrise.

After graduating from agricultural high school, Remy studied Agronomy and Biological Science at a university in the south of France before completing a second degree in Sustainability in Perth. Alongside many successes and failures on his own farm, Remy undertook training with some of the world’s foremost ecosystem restoration and soil health practitioners, including Geoff Lawton, Drs Claude & Lydia Bourguignon, and Dr Eric Petiot.

Throughout his career, he has founded and directed multiple enterprises within the farming and sustainability sectors. This includes setting up and running a seed production company, an intensive polyculture farm, an organic farmers market, an agricultural association focused on sustainable water management, and an ecological design consultancy. Remy was a popular trainer, media commentator and conference speaker overseas before moving back to Perth with his family in 2021.

Fleur Edwards

Marketing and Public Relations Manager

Fleur has more than two decades of experience as a marketing and PR project manager. After more than 15 years working in marketing and strategy in Australian universities, in 2018 Fleur set up the marketing and public relations function for, a blockchain renewable energy start-up.

Fleur is a passionate advocate for climate-change mitigation and became excited by the possibilities of regenerative agriculture after viewing the Netflix documentary, “Kiss the Ground”.

Brian Wehlburg

Associate – Holistic Management Educator

Brian is an internationally renowned Holistic Management educator, farmer and grazier who has managed large livestock operations in Australia and Africa. Over the last 20 years, Brian has educated thousands of farmers in Holistic Management. He is a board member of Holistic Management International (USA) and Land to Market Australia

Grahame Rees

Associate – KLR Marketing and Low-Stress Stock Handling Trainer

Grahame is an Associate of Carbon Sync and provides the Low-Stress Stock Handling and KLR Marketing programs for Carbon Sync. He is a fourth-generation sheep and wool producer who grew up on the family property at Ivanhoe in western NSW. After completing high school, Grahame spent two years at Longreach Pastoral College, where he developed his passion for people, livestock and the rangelands. Grahame has spent the last 20 years with his family on their property near Ivanhoe, building on his knowledge, as well as participating in programs such as ‘Grazing for Profit’ and ‘Executive Link’.

In 1999, Grahame spent time with Bud Williams on his visit to Australia, which ignited an interest in Low-Stress Stock-Handling (LSS). Over the next couple of years, Grahame and his wife Ros experienced the benefits of handling livestock using Bud’s methods. In 2002, Grahame joined with Jim Lindsay to deliver LSS schools right across Australia, where they have assisted thousands of livestock handlers. After three weeks visiting Bud Williams in Texas, Grahame spent the next 12 months working with his business partners, developing the KLR Marketing school. The initials ‘KLR’ represent the first letters of the names of each of the founders.

Grahame is passionate about sharing both LSS and KLR Marketing with everyone involved in the livestock industries.

Mark Eigenraam

Associate – Natural Capital Accounting Specialist

Mark Eigenraam is a Director at the Institute for the Development of Environmental-Economic Accounting (IDEEA). Over the past twenty years, Mark has played a leading role in the development and application of environmental markets and ecosystem accounting in his roles with the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP). Mark’s work has ranged from training landholders (farmers) to participate in environmental markets to contributing to global initiatives in environmental-economic accounting. Mark has applied his insights and experience to establishing environmental markets to inform Australia’s approach to environmental-economic accounting and produced a world-first set of experimental ecosystem accounts for Victoria. He continues to develop new systems and processes to produce and publish environmental-economic accounts.

Carl Obst

Associate – Natural Capital Specialist

Carl is also a Director at the Institute for the Development of Environmental-Economic Accounting (IDEEA). Carl was the lead author and editor of the United Nation’s System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA), the international standard for government work on accounting for natural capital. Prior to this work, Carl had a long career with the Australian Bureau of Statistics, including time at the OECD. His current work involves contributing to natural capital accounting and sustainability measurement within the United Nations system, with the Capitals Coalition and with various companies and governments in Australia and internationally. Carl is a leading player in closing the gap between government and corporate approaches to natural capital accounting.

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