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Soil carbon farming for a thriving future

Healthy farm, healthy profits

Welcome to Carbon Sync - Your Partner in WA Soil Carbon Farming

At Carbon Sync, we’re committed to empowering WA cropping and grazing farmers like you to foster agricultural profitability and reap the rewards of healthy soil. We are redefining the future of farming in Western Australia through our specialised agricultural extension and education services. Specifically, our focus is full-service soil carbon farming project development in WA.  

Importantly, our team have expert Western Australian knowledge, and we work exclusively with WA farmers with at least 250 ha of arable land.

Our Soil Carbon Farming Process Tailored Just For You:

  1. Eligibility Assessment & Advice: We’ll start with a comprehensive eligibility assessment for soil carbon farming to provide bespoke advice tailored to your land’s specific needs.
  2. Project Registration: Partner with us, and we’ll handle your project registration with the Australian Clean Energy Regulator (CER) with the highest level of attention to detail, so you don’t have to deal with any paperwork or bureaucracy.
  3. Baseline Soil Sampling & Testing: Our rigorous baseline soil sampling, laboratory testing, and farm emissions calculations ensure that we understand the essence of your soil, your farm and its potential to sequester carbon. 
  4. Project Execution: Experience hands-on support with regular on-farm visits, education sessions, and advice. Together, we’ll walk the path to regenerative success.
  5. Re-testing & Monitoring: Your soil’s health is our priority. We’ll re-test the soil yearly after project commencement, monitoring every vital sign. Included in this is Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV). EOV is the scientific methodology that measures ecological outcomes on your land.
  6. Carbon Credits (ACCUs): If your farm’s soil has sequestered carbon during this interval, we’ll apply for Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) on your behalf. The choice to sell or keep your ACCUs is entirely yours.

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