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Australian Carbon Industry

Code of Conduct

Carbon Sync is proud to be a signatory to the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct. The Code is a voluntary code, implemented by the Carbon Market Institute (CMI). Carbon Sync is a member of the Carbon Market Institute.

The Australian Carbon Code of Conduct outlines the principles and best practices for  measuring, reducing, and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. It is designed to provide guidance to project developers and carbon project stakeholders.

Carbon Sync has signed up to this voluntary code of conduct as a signal that we agree to meet the Code’s expectations and standards. We wish to signal this to our stakeholders, including project owners, land managers, industry bodies and Native Title Holders. 

Being a signatory means that in developing our products and services, Carbon Sync aspires to deliver industry-best practices. We have given consideration to all the risks involved in establishing and managing a carbon project. Further, we have designed our carbon projects to minimise those risks to all relevant stakeholders. Being a signatory to this code ensures that certain standards for operating a carbon project have been met.

The Carbon Code of Conduct provides carbon farming organisations with access to best practices in measuring, reducing, and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions, which can help improve their sustainability initiatives.

By adopting the Carbon Code of Conduct, Carbon Sync seeks to build stronger relationships with stakeholders, including investors, customers, and employees.  

You can read more about your rights as a carbon project participant on the CMI website. There is also guidance for consumers about working with Carbon Code signatories on the CMI website.

In the presentation of our offering to potential customers, we are required to provide full and transparent information. This means we give farmers all the information they may need to make an informed decision. The Australian Carbon Code of Conduct also has a complaints-handling procedure to support farmers. This procedure can be deployed in the event that a farmer has a problem with a carbon project developer.

You can see the list of signatories to the Code on the Carbon Market Institute website.

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