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The Carbon Sync Story

Carbon Sync’s Vision

The Carbon Sync story includes our vision, that guides all that we do. Our vision is a Western Australian South West Land Division displaying healthy functioning ecosystem processes, rich biological diversity and abundant wildlife. Furthermore, it will have well-covered living soils, rich in organic matter, streams and rivers running clean and full of life and clean air. Finally, its farms will be producing nutrient-rich food and fibre, and there will be thriving human communities interacting in harmony with the environment.

Carbon Sync’s History

The Carbon Sync story began back in 2007, when Louise Edmonds founded Intuit Earth, the parent company of Carbon Sync. It was conceived as a carbon business, but 2007 was prior to the establishment of Australia’s legislated carbon markets and methods. At this time, there was no Australian carbon farming market. Furthermore, there was little scientific understanding of the processes that create soil carbon in agriculture and the methods to verify this.

In 2014, Louise relaunched Intuit Earth as a compost manufacturer and through this business, developed a deep understanding of the challenges faced by farmers.

In 2018, the Australian Government launched a viable methodology for the monetisation of soil carbon. Louise responded to this opportunity and launched Carbon Sync. Since 2018, Louise has been developing the vision and strategy and gathering a wide network of experts and collaborators.

Carbon Sync’s Mission

Carbon Sync’s story also includes our mission. The mission is to position agriculture as the solution to climate change, biodiversity loss, and improved human and animal health. We will demonstrate, through ecosystem monitoring and collection of high-integrity environmental and economic data, that:

Agriculture can be managed to restore the health of ourecosystems
Farmers are stewards of the land whose work provides benefit beyond the farm gate;
This benefit is valued by the market and broader community; and
Rural communities offer rewarding lifestyles, employment and are great places to live andraise a family.

Carbon Sync’s Values

Through our own holistic management practice, we’ve identified our holistic context as an organisation. These values define us and drive our organisational behaviour:



We are resilient in the face of unknowns. We are humble and listen, building trust and safety into every engagement to support emotional courage. We support each other to develop and contribute our unique talents.



We show qualities of agility and flexibility as we navigate our way towards a regenerating environment, community and economy. We are nurtured by play.



We are financially secure with abundant flow and comfortable surplus. We have sufficient resources to do an outstanding job and take care of everyone.



We are all better for working together. Our work at Carbon Sync is congruent with our deeply held values and aspirations and is an expression of life.

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