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Why Carbon Sync?

Why choose Carbon Sync as your soil carbon farming project developer? Carbon Sync’s key team are senior educators and technicians who have spent most their lives making a living from the land. Carbon Sync’s success is tied to your success as a soil carbon farmer. Through our co-investment model, we have ‘skin in the game’ and only make a profit when you do.

What does Carbon Sync do?

There are four areas of activities of the Carbon Sync business:

Carbon Sync’s education program is delivered through a global network of connections, both online and face-to-face with farmers in their regions. Our education programs have been tried and tested and our methods have been proven to work.
Research, Extension and Co-Benefits
We will invest in applied scientific research that will support the growth and awareness of the benefits of regenerative agriculture practices and carbon farming in Western Australia. We will actively seek-out soil carbon farming co-benefits for our farmers to enhance their farm profitability.
Technical Support
We will provide farmers with ‘boots-on-the-ground’ technical support to implement new technology and practices.
Carbon Credit Creation
Carbon Sync will be creating Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) under the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative Estimation of Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration using Measurement and Models) Methodology Determination 2021. These credits are certified by the Australian Government.

What makes Carbon Sync different from other WA providers?

Carbon Sync’s business model is based on providing the end-to-end management services required by farmers. These include the transition to regenerative agriculture and the earning of carbon credits. We provide project management services to enable you to benefit from the full range of carbon farming advantages. These advantages include:

  • price premiums and priority market access made possible through ‘low carbon’ or ‘carbon-neutral’ branding;
  • income from ecosystem services and co-benefits in addition to carbon credits; and
  • access to discounted ‘green finance’ products including loans and insurance.

Among Western Australian carbon project developers, Carbon Sync stands out because we understand the bigger picture.

Our projects are built around the twin promises that soil carbon sequestration holds for farmers and graziers:

  1. drawing down carbon from the atmosphere and sequestering it in the soil is the gateway to increasing the fertility, productivity and profitability of agricultural land; and
  2. carbon stored in the soil has the capacity to become a lucrative income stream for land managers through the mechanism of carbon credits.

Beyond these two promises, we work with you to unleash the full range of opportunities that carbon farming provides, including improved land valuations through evidence-based natural capital accounting.

The shift from conventional industrial farming into a more regenerative, whole-of-landscape approach requires a shift in mindset and management.

We deliver the latest science in regenerative systems and provide the technical support to get that science on the ground on your farm.

Some carbon farming service providers offer consulting, technical support or assistance with obtaining carbon credit income from the Government. Carbon Sync provides the full suite of services to farmers. This full-service approach enables farmers to holistically manage their agricultural enterprise and to benefit for the long term.

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