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Joel Williams soil health event

The Nexus between Nitrogen, Carbon and Biodiversity

Tuesday 28 March 2023

Joel Williams is coming to WA, hosted by Carbon Sync.

Carbon Sync is delighted to be hosting renowned plant and soil health educator, Joel Williams, as well Kevin Elmy from Cover Crops Canada. You’ll spend a day hearing from Joel and Kevin about the nexus between Nitrogen, Carbon and Biodiversity. Joel and Kevin will be joined by farmers Nick and Lucy Kelly, who will give a real-life account of their regenerative agriculture journey on their Newdegate farm. 

Joel has an international reputation for providing lectures, workshops and consultation on soil management, plant nutrition and integrated approaches to sustainable food production. Tickets to his events in Australia sell out quickly, so we’re encouraging you to book your seat as soon as possible.

Kevin is a professional agriculturalist, a third-generation cereal cropper, cover crop seed producer and author who has adopted soil health principles on his farm to great success. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, ready to help WA farmers benefit from carbon farming.

You’ll learn about the microbial contribution to building soil organic matter, the impacts of imbalanced nitrogen on plant health and the nutritional drivers of plant immunity. Program includes farming case studies and much more.

To book your seat at this special event, please visit our event page at Humanitix.

To see the event program, please click here.

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