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Free Farm Emissions Baseline Report

Carbon Sync is offering cattle, sheep and grain farmers access to a farm emissions baseline report. This tool provides farmers with a baseline of their on-farm emissions for free. 

The online farm emissions calculator has been created by farmers for farmers, helping producers track and validate on-farm climate action across the supply chain. 

Carbon Sync strongly believes that introducing accurate climate data should be an asset, not a burden. That’s why producing an emissions baseline allows you to use records you already have on hand. It streamlines the Sheep and Beef Greenhouse Accounting Framework (SB-GAF) and the Grains Greenhouse Accounting Framework (G-GAF) tools, making the whole process take less than 30 minutes!

What’s in it for farmers?

Recording on-farm emissions is becoming increasingly critical for:

The farm emissions baseline report provides you with your Scope 1 (Farm-related), Scope 2 (Indirect energy), and Scope 3 (Pre-farm) emissions.

By better understanding your environmental impact, you can also identify areas of improvement and adopt more sustainable agricultural practices that help you:

  • to optimise production systems;
  • preserve natural resources, and
  • contribute to the sustainability of your agricultural enterprise.

This tool is completely free of charge and comes with no obligation to continue with Carbon Sync’s services.

What you’ll need

To create your baseline using the tool, you’ll need the following data:

  • Livestock records: Records of either the annual average of total Dry Sheep Equivalent (DSE) or Adult-Equivalent (AE) for sheep and/or cattle on-farm. Alternatively, you can use livestock numbers for different classes of livestock on-farm;
  • Purchased stock and feed: Records of livestock you have bought off-farm, their live weight and location purchased. Additionally, you’ll need data on the amount of supplementary feed you may have purchased;
  • Pasture improvement: Records including any purchased fertiliser, chemical or spray records, and animal health application records; and
  • Accounting records: Records of expenses, including electricity bills, fuel use, and harvest records (including yield of each crop type grown on-farm).

How to Register

Fill in the form below, and we’ll deliver you directly to the free emissions baseline report generator.

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