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What are the three types of carbon sequestration?

Access Carbon Sync’s full suite of carbon farming services to increase profitability and reduce risk

As a Western Australian farmer, you can now generate an additional income from the health of your soil and farm ecosystem through carbon credits and ecosystem services payments. Carbon Sync is a team of Western Australian and global experts helping you benefit from these opportunities and create a strong foundation for future generations. Carbon Sync specialises in soil carbon sequestration. Drawing carbon from the atmosphere and sequestering it in the soil will help you to increase the fertility and productivity of your agricultural land and give you the ability to generate income from carbon credits.

Our goal is to create long-term partnerships with producers who wish to move from conventional industrial farming to more holistic and regenerative approaches. We work with you to identify the management practices that are best suited to you, your business and your environment. Carbon Sync takes a long-term view and will work closely with you to plan and monitor your agricultural interventions well into the future. (1)

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