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How long does a Soil Carbon Farming project last?

How long a soil carbon farming project lasts can vary depending on several factors. These include the specific goals of the project, the practices being implemented, and the scale of the project.

In general, soil carbon farming is a long-term process that involves implementing practices that increase soil carbon sequestration over time. Some common practices include reducing tillage, planting cover crops, incorporating organic matter into the soil, and implementing rotational grazing systems.

These practices can have immediate benefits, such as improving soil health and increasing crop yields. However, the full benefits of soil carbon sequestration may take several years or even decades to realise fully.

Regarding project timelines, some soil carbon farming projects may be short-term pilot projects lasting a few years, while others may be longer-term initiatives spanning several decades. Ultimately, the duration of a soil carbon farming project will depend on the specific goals of the project and the resources available to implement and maintain the practices necessary to sequester carbon in the soil.

It’s worth noting that some soil carbon farming projects may have a specific end date. These include projects that are designed to access carbon credits, and those funded by government grants or research programs. These projects may have a set timeline for implementing specific practices and monitoring their effects on soil carbon sequestration.

However, many soil carbon farming initiatives are ongoing and require ongoing maintenance and management to continue sequestering carbon in the soil. For example, cover crops may need to be planted every year. Furthermore, grazing systems may need to be regularly monitored and adjusted to ensure they effectively sequester carbon.

To access carbon credits in Australia, a soil carbon farming project lasts at least 25 years. The Clean Energy Regulator mandates this 25-year period as the permanence period required to access funding through the Emissions Reduction Fund.

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