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How will Carbon Sync ensure carbon credit credibility and transparency?


Carbon Sync is committed to ensuring carbon credit transparency, credibility and accountability in monitoring and reporting the carbon sequestration outcomes of soil carbon sequestration projects. To achieve this, Carbon Sync’s projects will be registered with the Australian Clean Energy Regulator (CER), which will subject them to a stringent regulatory regime.

The CER is a government body responsible for administering and enforcing the regulatory framework for emissions reduction activities and carbon offset projects in Australia. By registering with the CER, Carbon Sync’s projects will be subject to rigorous scrutiny and verification to ensure compliance with the necessary standards and guidelines.

Data and Documentation

Carbon Sync will be required to provide comprehensive data and documentation on the project’s methodology, carbon capture estimates, and monitoring procedures as part of the registration process. The CER will review this information, and Carbon Sync will be required to conduct independent audits to verify the accuracy of the reported data and ensure that the projects are indeed sequestering carbon as intended.

Any carbon credits generated through these pilot projects will also be subject to the CER’s oversight and approval. This means that the carbon credits can only be issued after the CER has verified the actual carbon sequestration achieved by the projects. Such oversight helps to prevent the issuance of credits for non-existent or inflated carbon sequestration, ensuring the credibility and integrity of the credits in the carbon market.

Transparent Communication

Furthermore, Carbon Sync will maintain transparent communication with stakeholders, including the public, local communities, and relevant authorities, providing regular updates on the progress and outcomes of the projects. This open dialogue will enable interested parties to stay informed and hold Carbon Sync accountable for its commitments.

By adhering to the CER’s registration and regulatory requirements, Carbon Sync demonstrates its dedication to upholding the highest standards of transparency and accountability in the soil carbon farming initiatives. Through this collaborative approach with the CER, Carbon Sync aims to contribute meaningfully to Australia’s efforts in combatting climate change and promoting regenerative agricultural practices.

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