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The Future Farm: On-Farm Innovation Showcase (evokeAG side event)

Join us at The Future Farm event, a unique convergence of tradition and technology in agriculture!
19 February 2024 8:00am – 6:00pm (including bus trip to Tammin)


Set against the backdrop of Kate and Brad Jones’s Bungulla Farm in Tammin, this event, scheduled just before the Agrifutures evokeAg Conference and organised by evokeAg Gold Sponsor Carbon Sync, is a must-attend for farmers and ag-tech industry professionals. It offers an opportunity to witness how innovative farming practices and technologies can merge to forge a sustainable and profitable agricultural future.

Why Attend ‘The Future Farm’?

  • Innovative Showcase: Discover how Brad and Kate’s data and tech-driven approach prepares them to capture value through emerging incentives for nature and climate-positive agriculture. 
  • Expert Insights: Engage with a lineup of key participants, including Carbon Sync, Wheatbelt Connect, and SwarmFarm. Learn from their pioneering efforts in soil carbon farming, biomass, sustainable aviation fuel projects and agricultural robotics.
  • Tech Demonstrations: Experience the cutting edge of agricultural technology with live demonstrations of SwarmFarm’s robotic solutions, tailor-made to address unique farming challenges.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse mix of farmers, policymakers, industry bodies, value chain actors, and financiers. Expand your network and discover new collaborative opportunities.
  • Future-Oriented Learning: Gain valuable insights into how the global push for net-zero emissions is reshaping agriculture. Learn about the latest trends in consumer habits, trade patterns, and financial models impacting the sector.
  • Practical Strategies: Understand how to navigate the challenges and opportunities of agricultural decarbonisation. Discover Carbon Sync’s strategies for de-risking soil carbon farming and how they can be applied to your business.
  • Collaboration and Community: Be part of a community striving towards a sustainable agri-food future. Share in the collective responsibility and mutual benefits of this transformative journey.

This event is not just about envisioning the future of farming – it’s about actively shaping it. Secure your spot now and be part of this groundbreaking event!

Please note that lunch will be provided. Upon purchase of tickets, participants will be provided with details of where to board the bus. On return, the bus will first stop at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, then proceed to the Royal Perth Yacht Club for the evokeAG Welcome Event (separate tickets must be purchased for the Welcome Event). 

Tickets are available here

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Past educational events

Joel Williams and Kevin Elmy: The Nexus between Nitrogen, Carbon and Biodiversity, 28 March 2023 (hosted by Carbon Sync)

Presenters at Carbon Sync's "Nexus between Carbon, Nitrogen and Biodiversity" event

Carbon Sync was delighted to host renowned plant and soil health educator, Joel Williams, as well as Kevin Elmy from Cover Crops Canada. Participants spent a day hearing from Joel and Kevin about the nexus between Nitrogen, Carbon and Biodiversity.

You can watch an overview of the day in this video summary, and view other content from the day on Carbon Sync’s YouTube Channel

Joel has an international reputation for providing lectures, workshops and consultation on soil management, plant nutrition and integrated approaches to sustainable food production. 

Kevin is a professional agriculturalist, a third–generation cereal cropper, cover crop seed producer and author who has adopted soil health principles on his farm to great success. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, ready to help WA farmers benefit from carbon farming.

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