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Grow your Soil Carbon Farming Career

Carbon Sync is a growing organisation, and our people’s carbon farming careers are growing with us. We are always interested in hearing from prospective employees who share our values. Please get in touch if you are keen to make a difference by forging a career in carbon farming and regenerative agriculture.

Current Vacancies

We post job vacancies with detailed descriptions on this page as they arise:

If you would like to express interest in employment with us, please contact Carbon Sync and provide an explanation of which part of the business you’d be interested in working in. Please also provide a link to your LinkedIn profile, so we can take an initial look to gauge your suitability.

Carbon Sync’s Values

Through our own holistic management practice, we’ve identified our holistic context as an organisation. Accordingly, these values define us and drive our organisational behaviour:

Carbon Farming Careers - Values: Resilience


We are resilient in the face of unknowns. As a team, we value humility. Active listening is important for building trust in every engagement. We support each other to develop and contribute our unique talents.
Carbon Farming Careers - Values: Agility


We show qualities of agility and flexibility as we navigate our way towards a regenerating environment, community and economy. As a team, we are nurtured by play.
Carbon Farming Careers - Values: Security


We are financially secure with abundant cashflow and a comfortable surplus. As an organisation, we have sufficient resources to do an outstanding job and take care of everyone.
Carbon Farming Careers - Values: Co-operation


We are all better for working together.

Why our team loves working at Carbon Sync

  • The opportunity to work with and grow together with an enthusiastic and highly talented team from diverse backgrounds;
  • The excitement, risk, and reward of the start-up environment and the chance to grow their carbon farming careers;
  • A shared connection to our vision and mission to make a difference in the agriculture sector and to the planet;
  • The opportunity to leave a visible legacy of positive land stewardship;
  • Our ideas are truly valued, we are able to move fast, and our impact is real; and
  • Our personal growth is important. Training and mentorship are built into everyone’s work schedule.

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